Sunday, March 18, 2018

3 Minnesota breweries feature in 'coolest beer can' list #MNBeer #CraftBeer

Craft beer has turned the beer industry on its head – but it's also making waves in graphic design. Enter a walk-in cooler at any Twin Cities liquor store and you're confronted with an explosion of colors, contours and fonts leaping off the aluminum cans stacked on the shelves. While the major domestic ...

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Plan for a Busy St. Patrick's Day Weekend in the Twin Cities #MNBeer #CraftBeer

Surprisingly enough, St. Paul was able to lure this event from Minneapolis. "Ticket sales have been great. Today's game is about 7,000. I think they're expecting about 10,000 for the championship for tomorrow night," Johnson said. People can also experience the craft beer scene on St. Patrick's Day.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Kernza shows great promise for a sustainable food supply #MNBeer #CraftBeer

Patagonia Provisions, Ventura, Calif., sources the grain for its Long Root Ale, a craft beer brewed in Portland, Ore. Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis serves pancakes and grain salads made with the grain. Early research suggests long-rooted perennial grain crops sequester far more carbon than their ...

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Tips for a Weekend Trip to Sioux Falls, SD #MNBeer #CraftBeer

I adored Minnesota's tumbling North Shore falls and thought Sioux Falls couldn't compare. I was wrong. On a balmy ... A bustling stretch of boutiques, restaurants, and breweries beckons. New construction ... Next door, Monks House of Ale Repute serves more than 75 styles of craft beer. Families should ...

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Minnesota is responsible for a bunch of the best-looking beer cans in America #MNBeer #CraftBeer

In terms of the Minnesota brands they think are doing can art best? They actually tended to prefer the stylish-but-simple stuff. Minneapolis' Fair State Brewing is on the list thanks to their bold, colorful, infinity-sign-adorned cans. Bauhaus gets a shout for the playful, primary palette on their brews. And over ...

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Beer-serving bookstore could open in time for summer on Mainstreet in Hopkins #MNBeer #CraftBeer

And although the shop won't open until June 1, that hasn't kept Hopkins from buzzing about the first-of-its-kind spot: an independent bookstore that serves Minnesota-made craft beer and coffee. As customers enter, they will be able to grab a beer from the bar up front, then wander toward the back of the ...

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Brewers Association Ranks Top US Brewing Companies in 2017 #MNBeer #CraftBeer

Meanwhile, fast-growing Cincinnati startup Rhinegeist made the top 50 list for the first time, ranking 33rd ahead of some notable craft beer makers, including Maine's Allagash Brewing, Minnesota's Surly Brewing and Ninkasi Brewing. Speaking of Ninkasi, the Oregon-based company fell five places to ...

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